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Carroll Country CandidatesI am again running for a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

This last term I represented Carroll County District 7, the 'floaterial', which comprises the 10 northern towns of Hart's Location, Bartlett, Jackson, Chatham, Conway, Albany, Eaton, Madison, Tamworth, Freedom and the unincorporated Hale's Location. (That's me, 2nd from left, w/ Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter and other Carroll County Democratic candidates.)

This was my third term as a NH State Representative. I served for two terms, from 2006 - 10, lost my bid for the 11-12 term and then was elected again. In my second term I was appointed to the Chair of the Commerce Committee and I continued in that role this time around. I love the challenge presented by the work in the legislature and I am proud of my accomplishments as Chair.

In this past term I grew in my ability to negotiate the legislative process. Except for only one bill, those that were supported through my committee were passed on the floor of the House. I was more knowledgeable and effective, in part because I have built good working relationships with constituents, Democrats, Republicans and lobbyists.

I believe that there is a such a thing as good government. It is one that protects, in all senses of that simple word; helps to provide the infrastructure that makes commerce and transportation possible; supports public access to good education and health care; and is the conduit through which communities negotiate mutual support.

Whether there is a Democratic majority in the upcoming legislative session or not, my leadership experience in the House has taught me how to have a strong voice for our district -- and for the interests of the northern half of our state.

Please let me know if you’d like to meet or have me come to talk about my campaign
with a group of your Carroll County friends and neighbors.
Or just call 986-4387 or email me at
with any questions or concerns that you have about the upcoming election.


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Aug. 30:
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Oct. 15
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